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Yes, why would a man want to cheat on his wife? As a loving and devoted husband I wonder about this question because I have no desire to be in that position or ever want to be. But the question remains. What compels a man to forget his marriage vows and commits adultery?

Ladies, I want to first acknowledge that you are a beautiful person, and God made you that way. Marriage is a wonderful blessing, which is full of love, and God designed it that way from the very beginning.

So what makes me qualified to give an opinion on why men cheat on their wives? Simple, I have beaten those same temptations with Gods help. Ask yourself this question, "Do I want to hear from someone who lost control and cheated on his wife, or do I want to hear from someone who has overcome temptation and remained faithful to his wife?"

A man who cheats on his wife and has an affair with another woman has made a choice. It's a choice he knows that is wrong, whether it be a young immature newlywed or an older man with many years of wisdom. It all comes down to a decision he has to make about how committed he is to the vows he spoke at the wedding ceremony.

I know there are a lot of temptations out there. These temptations are all around a man and go all out to attract a man: movies, TV programs and commercials, various songs, books, magazines, the clothing industries, and let us not forget the Internet, where a man can search the vast pornography sites in total privacy. This is all poison to the mind and corrupts a man from being a loving and devoted husband committed to marriage.

Let me ad this scenario, a man leaves home and goes to work. He stops at mini-mart to get a cup of coffee only to be checked out by a cashier with a low cut shirt flashing her breast. Zap, like lighting the man gets jolted by two doses of "wake up call" that's as good as the caffeine in the coffee. As a result, he is extra polite in response to the eye-full that now starts the male hormone rush. But wait!

He gets to work and gets another shot of male testosterone injected into his body as he notices the secretary wearing a very sexy outfit that flatters her body. Then the aroma of a nice smelling perfume befuddles him for the rest of the working day as the scent lingers throughout the office. He manages to get through the day without giving into temptation, walks to his car, and then watches as the gorgeous secretary is picked up by a few of her equally sexy friends who wave to him.

On his way home he stops at the local department store for a few items when an unanticipated arrow of lust ambushes him as a woman in shorts walks ahead of him in the store. Coming around the isle, he is blasted by the sight of a woman in tight jeans who is bending over to grab an item.
Whoa, he quickly turns to go another direction only to be sucked into the cleavage of the woman he nearly bumps into. He apologizes but still remembers the sexy views that now burn in his mind. He finally manages to get his things and practically runs to the check out line where he is hit again with a sexy female in a short skirt and sexy tank top.

Now with every thing a man sees in the media combined with all the things around him during the day, he has become weak, and he is ripe to be seduced by what is in his mind - sex.

Let me continue with the scenario but on a more serious note. The man gets home, and he is ready to have a good time with his wife because of what he was exposed to all day. Only instead of his wife, he finds a note telling him that she went to visit her mother for a few hours.

At this point a transformation takes place. His hormones are running wild (they've been simmering all day) and the teenage boy within begins to surface because he is not getting what he wanted. About thirty minutes go by with his mind still focused on sex and the door bell rings. It's his wife's friend who is single. She comes over wearing shorts and low-cut shirt. She has been alone for a while, and his sex drive is off the scale.

What happens next is any body's guess depending on how much he values the marriage commitment.

So the question remains, why do men cheat on their wives? Simple, they choose to because they are weakened by what they are exposed to in the world and by the media, which is continually demonstrating a lack in showing men how to have good moral character and be responsible.
God has placed man in a position of responsibility and has given him the ability. But men have let the world dictate what is good and what is not good. And that is where the problem lies. Man has put his faith in other men to help him figure out what it means to be a "good man." But the flesh is weak, and if he is relying on the media and the world to show him what faithfulness is, he will fall every time.

The answer to being a faithful husband is simply to trust in God. He is there to help men in the times of temptation. The choice is still his, and it's a decision only he can make.

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Replies to This Book Discussion

Guys I read this somewhere on the web and felt I should share this.
great stuff dele, tnx for sharing...
Thanks Ken,I hope it was educative?

"So the question remains, why do men cheat on their wives?" Good question. Has nothing to do with the media, because from time immemorial, cheating has been going on, no possible media at that time. Has nothing to do with beauty because if it did, we would not see any reason why Prince Charles would divorce Princess Dianna for Camilla. Has nothing to do with temptations because if it did, all men, i mean all men would be cheating and not all men cheat on their wives. I like that answer that says "A man who cheats on his wife and has an affair with another woman has made a choice. It's a choice he knows that is wrong." So that will be my best and final answer.


Men cheat for a variety of reasons: Sexual addiction, marrying the wrong person,Naivety, lack of discipline, over-stimulation from the media and dress-codes  or deprivation from their wives.This reasons do not in any way justify infidelity.They just explain why it happens.


Thanks guys for your comments. This topic generates varying answers, just as there are many scholars trying to dig into this issue. A look at the internet provides a lot of answers, scientific, psychological, sociological etc. I agree with Charles that cheating is a long age thing, however, the media and modern culture has exacerbated the problem.


Thanks again guys for your contributions.

I never intend to contribute to this piece of write-up but I think I'll do myself no good without speaking my mind.
Much as we all know and agree that cheating is not good and should be abhored but why must it be tagged to the male folks always? Before I disagree with the writer of this article, let me quickly remind him of what science proved about relationship. Science told us that in any relationship, the women/ladies are smarter than their male partners/husbands, they can do whatever they want to do and get away with it neatly without being caught and suspicious unlike men. So there is that tendency that women are more involved in the cheating game than the male. Space wouldnt permit me to give you guys evidence and proofs both scientifically proven and psycological that women are more into this game than men. But above all, people cheat because they want to and its part of them.

is only and self discipline can help men of this seduced world.

Husbands:well,it is not easy, i know,but he could still try,remember how crazily his wife loves him and the way he loves her,take a cold shower and sleep,

Wives:wat rubbish,when u r not on an assignment dat shld take u away,wat visit should u give ur mum wen ur hubby is not yet back 4rm work?a wife should always be available 4 her hubby at any tym.

well, one thing for sure is that the women like every busy place......so they try so hard to eat from another woman's pot...... bcs their eyes are always like to see new things and their ears are always there to hear new things aswell..............i think the women are the temptations themselves and they are the reason of every cheats, some wives are stingy to give their husband the full desired time and due that simple reasons, the men go out to have funs.....it's hard to fine a woman with natural lov.

What a nice guess and something for passing the time.There's more to it than sex rage.....okay!!! Only those in it can actually tells the story and it takes many form as to why they did cheat on their wives.




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